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Easy Pure Water Purifier Supplier

Easy Pure Water Purifier


Use Domestic
Capacity 15 Litres/hour
Warranty 1 year
Material Metal
Condition New
Weight 4-10kg

Details :

  • Polypropylene housing fitted with a spray nozzle, inlet-outlet connections and filled with full charge of OCM & SIC media. An extra clamp facilitates fixing on the wall.
  • Operation Principles - As water enters through the spray nozzle, oxygen content of air gets dissolved in water. Thus soluble iron becomes insoluble and precipitates. Water then passes through OCM and due to the catalytic effect of this oxidising media, any remaining soluble iron converts into insoluble form and precipitates into this media. The water then passes through SIC media where bioturbidities get arrested as a result of surface activity. This SIC media will also remove the excess chlorine and odour from the water. Finally this water passes through a micron filter which is used as a polishing unit to arrest bacteria to achieve Bacteria Free Drinking Water.

Advantages :

  • Iron and Bacteria Free Drinking Water
  • Non Electrical
  • Zero Maintenance

Main Utilities :

  • Removes turbidities, iron and bacteria from drinking water. Retain its thirst quenching taste.
  • Easy to maintain, non-electrical, on-line device with no recurring expenses.

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